Hey Guys,

What’s the best part about new years? That we get to start all over!

We get to go back to what seems like a more normal life.

For me it’s getting used to cooking regular meals with more vegetables in them.

Exercising on a more predictable basis. Doing more of the kinds of exercise I like.

I also like that my clients schedules are more predictable. Which usually means they start to regain their good habits, which means results!

Our habits are the what we do most of the time. And they are indicative of what our self image is.

You are what you habitually do.

If you exercise out of habit 4 to 6 days per week you ARE an exerciser.

It’s part of you.

You identify with it.

It’s not something you are “going to do in the new year”

The language you use to describe new habits matter to your self image.

Your self image predicts what you will be doing long term.

If you say to yourself “I don’t eat donuts” It’s a lot more powerful than “I’m going to quit eating so much sugar.” because it attaches your identity to the subject.

I challenge you to find a way to shape what you say about your new years goal to be:

  1. positive
  2. an I do, not an I will
  3. consistent

Don’t give up because it doesn’t seem like it’s working, that’s your self image looking for excuses why you should quit your new habit.

Stay with it! It can only make you stronger!

Happy 2018!

Mac Dodds

Live Good Fitness