It’s been rainy here for the last few days and if you don’t like getting out in the elements it means indoor workouts.

Maybe you just need some exercise and you’ve been stuck inside and you wan’t to do something but don’t have equipment.

Try doing get ups of of the floor.

They don’t take any equipment.

They use every muscle in your body.

They challenge your heart, bones, flexibility and coordination.

When was the last time you did some? Have you ever done them?

I mean deliberately got all the way down on to the floor and got all the way up to standing 5 times?

I challenge you to do that today…

It’s almost laughable right? “I’m not doing that” I can hear you say right now.

“that sounds hard”…

If it does sound hard, you probably really need to do it.

Maybe it’s something worth practicing.

When I evaluate a new personal training client, I have them get up and down off of the ground 10 times.

I can usually tell by how big much their jaw drops, how it’s going to go.

We tend to think something is easy, or we are doing a good job until we test ourselves.

If you are afraid to find out. Why? You don’t need to judge yourself. You probably aren’t a pro body builder or navy seal.

You are You… And the only one who can do anything about You!

If you aren’t doing something to take care of your body every day, it will decline at a faster rate. It doesn’t have to be a lot.

But it does need to be something if you want the benefit, or to stop the deficit.

When you are ready to do something worthwhile for yourself. I will help: 

I’ll give you the real information you need about where your fitness and function are. I’ll help you make your body last as long as possible. And it won’t be as hard as you think!

Let’s Set Something Up!

Now… Get down there and get up again 5 times. My guess is that less than 5% of you will. Reply and let me know if you did please.

Live Good,

Mac Dodds

Live Good Fitness