FOMO is Real! I hate feeling like I missed out on something, even if I have a good reason.

Especially if I know I probably should do it.

So here’s the deal….

Mind 4 Life only has 7 days left to sign up.  All of the get back on track things I talked about in my last email will be easier with A) a coach B) a plan C) positive social influence.

All of which are inherently built into Mind 4 Life.

So why not actually do it this year? And Save money over the cost of personal training.

Just reply to this email if you want to ask questions or if you know you want in!

So to recap… Yes you want to

1. Get focused

2. Get and stay hydrated

3. Get some rest

4. Start moving your body

But you also want to…. Join a team of others who are doing it too. There are only 7 days left to take advantage of Mind 4 Life at the lowest price it will ever be!

10 weeks of improvement, coaching, support and habits that last a lifetime! AND it even runs through Thanksgiving!

So…  Actually do it this year.

Not just with me as your guide, but with a very small group of other people who will be doing it too.

Talk soon,

Mac Dodds

P.S. Here’s the link to the dates and times and more details. Don’t kick yourself because you missed out on improving YOU!