Mac Dodds

Owner, and Your Guide to Change!

My Love For Helping People Feel Great! 

I became a trainer and coach because I think everyone should know what it feels like to have the power of knowing how to feel great when they wake up in the morning.

The piece of mind that comes with a healthy routine that you actually enjoy, changed my life!

I started this business to help others realize how to take care of their health in an effortless routine that perpetuates health strength and mental clarity for the duration of your life. 

I didn’t always have this power myself and I still don’t know every thing. Actually, I struggled with weight and bad habits through childhood and early adulthood, (that I didn’t know I could change so easily).

Every Year I learn more and apply it to helping people fight disease and aging through coaching good habits and exercise that is appropriate for the individual. 


Improving Body Function and Athletic Ability

-Pain Free Exercise Solutions

-Slowing Age Related Decline

  • function

  • balance

  • coordination

Experience – 17 Years Helping People Improve their Health



Other things I’m Proud of:

Strength and Conditioning Coach – 12 years

     – San Diego Padres Minor League Strength Coach

     – Scotland National Women’s Lacrosse Strength Coach

     – Grad Assistant San Diego State Women’s Tennis

– Grad Assistant San Diego State Football


M.A. Physical Education/Exercise Psychology San Diego State University

B.S. Kinesiology San Diego State University

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Since 2002

I Create Programs for Your Need:

  • Improving Your Health

  • Pain Free Living

  • Fat Loss

  • Longevity Training

  • Slowing Age Related Decline

  • Kitesurfing

  • Snowboarding