Hey Guys,

I want you to meet someone who is very important in my life.

Someone, who had the SHIFT.

Introducing… My amazing sister… Stephanie Dodds

She is an Empowerment Coach & Gratitude Goddess Trainer. She helps women have better relationships with their bodies so they can fully bring their gifts into the world…. Creating the shift to “I love myself so I want to be healthy” instead of “I am not okay and I need to “fix” myself.”

Stephanie was one of those girls who would not wear shorts in 103 degree weather, wanted desperately to have and actual “tan” and constantly felt judged by others about the way she looked….. But the truth is, she was the one judging herself…..

This was years ago now, and since Stephanie has broken through to the other side with Self-Love and Body Confidence and her life is completely different! She walks by the mirror and says “hey gorgeous, looking fine, have you been working out?” instead of “Yikes” And her entire life has changed because of this SHIFT.

That is why I was so thrilled to hear my sister Steph tell me she was hosting an interview series all around this topic which was born from her own journey of second guessing to standing tall, so her true gifts could come out.

This is called the Beautiful Body Breakthrough: How to disarm your inner critic, boost self-worth, and live your most gorgeous life…..

Because you are a valued client and Live Good Fitness follower…

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend! You can register using this LINK – and you will be able to watch from your home, office, or on the go.

This is a great opportunity for anyone in my community who wants to have this breakthrough themselves, and also get to see my interview with Steph!

I wish I had this resource when I started getting serious about my health and my business.

Loving yourself is so key, and I actually used to think it was a bunch of bologna, until I actually started using self-love as a tool to reach new levels! 

Which is why I am so glad Steph is doing this!

You can register for the Beautiful Body Breakthrough HERE

I hope to see you there.

Live Good,

Mac Dodds

Live Good Fitness