How important to weight loss is going to bed early?

I had to ask myself, because I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my body since I’ve adopted that habit.

It also seems like no one else is asking that question. ​

Sleep and wake cycles are becoming a more popular topic in health and fitness magazines.

Going to bed before 10:30pm and getting some exposure to actual sunlight in the morning have helped me feel more energetic, calm and well throughout the day.

Experts think of it as a way to improve wellness and I believe that’s true. I have evidence from my own records about when I go to bed and how I feel.

But does it help with weight loss?

I think that without a doubt it does.

Let me just say that if you are of a normal healthy weight, going to bed before 10:30 probably wont make you lose more weight.

But if you are overweight and struggle with having the energy to exercise…

It might be worth a try to journal when you go to bed every night for 3 weeks and report how you feel.

I reccommend just journaling. No judgement, no should’s, no good or bad.

Just record when you go to bed, when you wake up, how you slept, sound or restful.

Do it for 3 weeks. If you feel better or notice, or learn anything about yourself. Just keep doing it.

If you lose weight, it’s working. If you don’t, but you have more energy to exercise. It’s probably going to start working eventually.

Recording it makes it real. It’s tempting to think all or nothing on going to bed before 10:30pm. Just record and learn the difference.

Let’s figure this thing out together!

Mac Dodds

Live Good Fitness

P.S. If you have questions about this. Reply to this email and If it’s helpful I might use it to further the discussion in a future email. It might help someone!