“He has helped me maintain my strength, fitness and good health”

“I have been working with Mac Dodds for several years and he has helped me maintain my strength, fitness and good health. Mac has an excellent way of customizing a workout session to meet an individuals’s needs. His instructions and demos are clear, he gives good cues for perfecting form, provides excellent tips for working through those trouble spots and is always encouraging. Mac is a professional whocares about those he works with, and is always a positive influence.”


Retired Professional

“I always look forward to my workout”

“When I started to work with Mac I was about 40 pounds overweight and considered obese.I was embarrassed about my physique, got winded walking up stairs, and my knees hurt all of the time; and I was only 24! Keeping a weekly appointment with Mac , helped memaintain a healthy weight, and I always looked forward to the workout!”

Linsay D.

Full Time Student

“In short, Mac’s the best!”

“I have been working with Mac for about 1 1/2 years. I’m 52 years old. Mac has helped me to become more fit, increase strength and muscle, and to reduce fat. He’s a great motivator. I started working out with Mac once a week (for about a year) and now have added a second, half-hour session mid week to keep me on track. . . . I can even do pull-ups now (7 at once, or about 25-30 during a one hour session) for the first time in my life! . . .

Mac also has been training my stepson (now 19) since he was 15, and his body has been transformed from fat/pudgy to a fit/slim teenager.

In short, Mac’s the best!”

Howard S

“He has a way of teaching that makes learning fun”

“Mac’s enthusiastic personality is both motivating and uplifting. He has a way of teaching that makes learning fun and shows you that all of your goals are possible with the right attitude and proper technique. His attention to detail helps me know that I am performing the exercise correctly and this creates a confidence that makes me want to continue to get stronger and healthier. Thank you for all the help and support Mac!!!”

Robert G.

Professional Inline Skater

“His knowledge of the body and how to get results are amazing”

“I have been on several different programs and what Mac does is know what you need and how to solve different problems. His knowledge of the body and how to get results are amazing. He always knows how to solve most of your problems. (This is coming from a out of shape 73 yr. old !!!) I rate Mac #1 as a trainer and friend.” 

Bud B.

Retired Professional

“Mac is a solid ten out of ten.”

I have been working out with Mac for a little over a year now. I was always slow to embrace exercising. I was too shy to show up at a gym, but knew I needed to change my unhealthy lifestyle; thus, I moved forward to finding a personal trainer and was very fortunate enough to find Mac. Mac is a solid ten out of ten. Mac’s credentials with a Master’s degree in Physical Education speaks for itself, but what really makes Mac special is his high degree of care to my well-being. My goals are Mac’s goals. Mac is patient and a strong motivator. I could not ask for anything better.

Larry R.

Student and Business owner

“Mac is a master of his art”

I have been working with Mac for several months. Mac started with my core and built my strength from there. In the infancy of our relationship, there were exercises that Mac would have me do that I thought I would never be able to conquer. However, as time moved on and my strength continued to build, I now can do those exercises with much more confidence.

Mac is not a drill sergeant. Mac is a master of his art. He has the ability to get to know what your body needs and builds a custom program for the individual.

Patient, encouraging and non-judgmental is how I would describe Mac Dodds. I feel lucky to have met Mac.


Local Business Owner

“Since Working with Mac, I feel like I’ve definitely picked the right trainer.”

He communicates clearly and precisely: “Do it like this… Use these muscles… Drop your hips to make it harder…”
He’s full of encouragement. This is very important because I need a lot.
He’s flexible, whether it’s about me needing to be out of town on session day, or whether it’s about limitations resulting my disabilities. He’s quick with an alternative so we can keep moving forward.



“My workouts are never boring, because he changes things up regularly”

I have worked with Mac for the past several months. I started to see him because I wanted to get stronger and improve my overall fitness. Mac has a depth of knowledge that is second to none; for example, he is constantly watching my form to help me get the most out of an exercise. One big improvement I’ve noticed is in balance. Although I do Zumba regularly, I was surprised how difficult balance exercises were for me. Mac has been able to help me so much in this area. Additionally, Mac is a truly likable person. I have a lot of fun while I’m working, and I have to give him a lot of credit for that. My workouts are never boring, because he changes things up regularly. I feel pleased and fortunate that I’ve been able to work with Mac.

Janet T.

“He really listens to your body’s needs”

Mac offers a new perspective in physical training. He really listens to your body’s needs and respects the natural process of strength and flexibility. Attention to detail in form during every rep and keeping the work out fun and changing often is what I’ve enjoyed most in working with him.


Local Business Owner

“He listens to you and to your body and responds with spot-on advice.”

Mac is my personal trainer. What’s special about Mac’s approach is that he doesn’t come in and tell you exactly what you have to do to get where you want to go. He listens to you and to your body and responds with spot-on advice. Also, he’s amazing at giving feedback on form. It’s hard to cheat on this guy! He sees the subtle flaws in form and fixes them. 

Can’t say enough about Mac, and recommend him highly to any individual or team looking for a training guru.

Dave Simpson

Head Coach Scotland National Women's Lacrosse